Asterix Park tickets – everything you need to know

Welcome to Asterix Park, a place famous for bringing Asterix comics to life! 

It’s in France, and it’s a blast for everyone. Imagine thrilling rides, hilarious shows, and meeting the brave Gaulish warriors from the comics—it’s all here!

It’s like stepping into a world where history meets humor. 

You’ll see Roman soldiers and Gauls having epic adventures, and it’s not just fun but also a chance to learn something cool. 

So, get ready to explore the fantastic things you can do at Asterix Park and discover why it’s the place to be for an unforgettable day of excitement!

Top Asterix Park Tickets


Hours: 10 am to 6 pm 

Last Entry: 5 pm

Must See: Olzris and Goudurix Rides

Ticket Cost: €51

Best Time: May to October


The park is located approximately 35 km (22 mi) north of Paris,

Address: Parc Astérix, 60128 Plailly, France Get Directions

Where to buy Asterix Park Tickets

Where to buy Asterix Park tickets

When you’re all set to visit Asterix Park, the easiest way to get your tickets is to buy them online. 

Online tickets tend to be cheaper than ticket prices at the venue. 

When you buy online, you can avoid the long lines at the attraction’s ticket counters.

You may even get special deals and discounts online that you won’t find at the park entrance.

When you book early, you get your preferred time slot.

So, make your adventure to Asterix Park a breeze by getting your tickets online!

How online tickets work

Benefits of buying online tickets to Asterix Park

Once you purchase Asterix Park entry tickets, they get delivered to your email address.

Ticket printing is not required. You can show the e-ticket on your smartphone when you visit the attraction. 

It’s a hassle-free way to plan your trips, and you can do it from home. 

So, why wait? Buy your tickets online today and enjoy your next adventure!

Asterix Park Ticket Price

This Asterix Park Ticket costs €51 ($54) for visitors above 12 years old. Children between three and 11 years old pay a discounted price of €48 ($51).

Infants under two enjoy free entry. 

Types of Asterix Park Tickets

There are three different ways to explore Asterix Park: you can opt for the one-day entry ticket to Asterix Park, which is the most important among tourists.

The other is the Paris City Explorer Pass, with 35 attractions and 5-6 days of validity, according to your choice.

Visit the best Paris offers and save up to 50% compared to buying separate attraction tickets. 

The other two tickets are beneficial from a transportation perspective: the Private Transfer from or to Paris ticket and the Private Transfer from or to CDG Airport ticket.

Paris: Parc Astérix Full-Day Entrance Ticket

Get ready for a non-stop adventure and laughter with the Ultimate Parc Astérix Full-Day Ticket! 

Skip the long lines and dive into a world of excitement just a short distance from Paris.

With this ticket, you’re in for a day packed with more than 40 thrilling attractions and shows, each offering new surprises and unforgettable moments. 

Explore six themed zones inspired by the Romans, Gauls, Greeks, Vikings, and Egyptians.

Climb aboard the Menhir Express for giggles and take up Caesar’s challenge at the zany Défi de César. 

And remember, just a short stroll from the Gaulish Village, you’ll meet some quirky druids and their wacky inventions.

Don’t miss out on this incredible day of fun and memories waiting for you at Parc Astérix. 

This Ultimate Full-Day Ticket is your key to unlimited laughter and adventure, and it’s the must-have ticket for an unforgettable visit! 

Grab your tickets now and get ready for an epic day!

Adult ticket (12 to 99 years): €51 

Children ticket (3 to 11 years): €48

Infant ticket (up to 2 years): Free entry

Paris: Go City All-Inclusive Pass with 35+ Attractions

This ticket allows you to experience multiple tours included in your pass.

This ticket includes over 35 top attractions and gives you the best experience in Paris.

Buying separate tickets for multiple tours and attractions could be time-consuming and hectic, but purchasing this all-inclusive pass is a good option.

Buy this ticket to save time and money and enjoy the best tours in Paris.

Adult ticket (12 to 99 years): €104 

Children ticket (3 to 11 years): €69 

Infant ticket (up to 2 years): Free entry

Parc Asterix: Private Transfer from or to Paris

This ticket allows you a unique private transfer with a driver between Paris and Asterix Park.

You can also book the same ticket to return to Paris from Asterix Park.

This ticket is best for small groups or small families who don’t want to travel by hassled public transport and want to save some money.

Buying this ticket could save you valuable time and money at the same time.

Adult ticket (99 and younger): €114 

Parc Asterix: Private Transfer from or to CDG Airport

This ticket also offers you the best deal on your transfer between Asterix Park and CDG airport.

You can also buy this ticket to return to CDG airport from Asterix Park.

You can reserve this ticket in advance without paying anything at booking.

You can pay your bills when your journey starts.

You’ll get a private vehicle and a private driver available in three different languages: English, French and Italian.

So, don’t think more; book tickets and save money and time.

Adult ticket (99 and younger): €97 ($102)

What to expect at Asterix Park

At Asterix Park, get ready for a fantastic adventure! This place is all about ancient times, with incredible rides and shows. 

You’ll meet famous characters like Asterix and Obelix. There are exciting roller coasters and water rides for thrill-seekers. 

So check out these incredible live performances with daring stunts and funny antics. 

And the food? Well, you can taste yummy Gaulish snacks. 

Laslty, expect lots of fun, laughter, and maybe a bit of magic at Asterix Park!


Can I buy tickets online?

Absolutely! You can buy tickets on the Asterix Park website. It’s convenient, and you can skip the lines.

Are there rides for little kids?

Yes, there are rides for kids of all ages, including gentle ones for little ones. They’ll have a blast too!

Is there food at the park?

Yes, there are lots of places to eat. You can enjoy delicious snacks like crepes and hotdogs, and there are restaurants, too.

What characters will I meet at Asterix Park?

You’ll meet famous characters from the comics like Asterix, Obelix, and many more. They’re friendly and fun to take pictures with.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Usually, outside food and drinks aren’t allowed. But you can find plenty of tasty options inside the park.

Are there shows to watch?

There are amazing live shows with acrobats, magicians, and more. Check the schedule so you can catch them.

Is there a water park at Asterix Park?

There are water rides, but it’s not a full water park. Be sure to bring your swimsuit to enjoy the wet adventures.

What’s the best time to visit to avoid crowds?

Weekdays and early in the morning are usually less crowded. Try to visit during the off-season for shorter lines.

Can I bring a stroller or wheelchair?

Yes, you can bring strollers and wheelchairs. The park is accessible, and they have facilities for these.

Very Nice place to discover with family. The parc is so attractive and people were so pleasant… to repeat another time

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