How to Reach Asterix Park

Dive into an epic adventure at Asterix Park in the beautiful French countryside.

Inspired by the famous Asterix comics series, this unique theme park features over 40 attractions and is set in a setting reminiscent of ancient Gaul.

To make visiting easier, we’ve updated our guide with the latest 2024 travel information, ensuring you can find the best way to get to Asterix Park

Whether you’re driving, taking public transportation, or choosing a taxi.

Follow our expert advice for an effortless trip to this unparalleled European holiday destination.

Getting to Asterix Park

By Car

Location: Situated about 30 km (18 miles) north of Paris, in Plailly, France.

Parking: Ample parking is provided onsite, though arriving early during peak seasons is recommended to secure a spot.

By Public Transportation


Nearest Station: Charles de Gaulle Airport station.

Shuttle Bus: A shuttle connects the train station with Asterix Park, now with an updated schedule for 2024.

Check Google Maps for train directions to the shuttle pickup point. The shuttle service is more frequent during park operating hours, with a 20-minute journey costing approximately €8 for a round trip.


Service Update: The Asterix Park bus from Paris has been updated for 2024, offering more convenient departure times. For detailed bus routes and schedules, refer to Google Maps for bus directions. Tickets start at €22 for a round trip, purchasable online or at designated bus stops.

By Taxi

2024 Update: A taxi from Paris to Asterix Park remains a flexible option, with the average fare now around €75, influenced by traffic conditions. For the best routes, consult Google Maps for taxi directions.

Planning Your Visit

Armed with the latest 2024 transportation information, reaching Asterix Park has never been easier. 

Select the option that best suits your preferences for a stress-free trip to this extraordinary theme park.

Note: Visitors with their own vehicles can explore parking options at Asterix Park.


Where is Asterix Park located?

In Plailly, approximately 30 kilometers north of Paris, France.

Direct shuttle service from Paris?

Yes, updated shuttle services run directly from Place de la Concorde to the park, with advanced ticket purchases recommended.

Is parking available at Asterix Park?

Over 11,000 free parking spaces are available for guests, with early arrival suggested during busy periods.

How long does it take to get to Asterix Park from Paris?

Expect a 45-minute journey by public transport or a 30-minute drive, depending on traffic.

Accessibility for visitors with disabilities?

Asterix Park continues to offer free shuttle services for visitors with disabilities from the parking area to the entrance, alongside accessible attractions and facilities.

Featured Image: Parcasterix.fr

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